Final Call to Provide Feedback on Biscuit Run Park Plans

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A state park that’s years in the making is making strides to becoming a reality.

However, time is running out for the public to provide feedback on what exactly will go into Biscuit Run Park.

Until midnight on Friday, July 13, people have the opportunity to take a short online survey to tell Albemarle County what kind of facilities they want to see at Biscuit Run.

"People's needs have changed over time, and so that's what we're doing," says Amy Smith, who works for Albemarle County Parks and Recreation

Albemarle County has entered a 99-year lease on the state land with plans to keep 80 percent of the 1,200 acres tree-covered.

The survey offers options like a dog park, hiking trails, and ropes courses as potential facilities the county will create as it develops the park.

"There's definitely still going to be enough acres to have some playing fields depending on what the public wants," says Smith. "Possibly a dog park, definitely trails, picnic shelters, restroom facilities, and those types of things."

The county parks and recreation department says it opened the online survey for those who could not attend the Biscuit Run community meeting that was held in June.

"It’s exciting,” says Smith. “I mean, it’s going to add 1,200 acres to we have a little over 4,000 now, so it’s just going to add to our park acreage, add to our programs, and just expand all the facilities we currently have."

The county says it has already collected more than 700 responses to the survey.

The county will start looking at the survey results as early as next week, and final designs for the park are expected sometime this winter.

If you want to take the survey, click here.