Short-Term Rental Owners to See More Regulations

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People who rent out short-term housing in Albemarle County have new rules on the way for them after supervisors talked about new zoning requirements on Monday.

This comes on the heels of ordinance passed last year that require short-term rental owners, such as Airbnb hosts, to pay the same taxes as hotels and requires them to get a business license. Now, supervisors are looking to change other rules, such as requiring a minimum number of bedrooms, parking requirements, and potentially different rules for rents in rural areas.

During last year’s public hearing, Airbnb owners in Albemarle County spoke out against the proposal of a “hotel tax” saying they are not the same as hotels because they are trying to make extra money on the side. The new five percent tax is applied to the guest and given from the host to Albemarle County.

These regulations apply to houses that host people for less than 30 days.