The Final Straw with Plastic Straws, How Some Cville Businesses Are Making a Change

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Local government officials across the country are considering banning plastic straws, and some Charlottesville businesses have gotten a head start. 

Last week, Seattle became the country's first major city to ban single use plastic straws. 

A few months ago, some Charlottesville restaurants switched to using more eco-friendly products. Though some restaurants don't offer straws at all, others provide compostable, bamboo or paper options. 

Business owners say a city ban could be a step in the right direction. 

Wes Knopp, the owner of Lone Light Coffee, said, "I think a majority of people would not get a plastic straw if they weren't provided with one automatically. So for most people, it's not a necessity.”

Other communities across the country, including Sanibel Island, located in Florida, are also on the list of places considering a ban on these plastic products.