Saint John's School Receives Historical Landmark Status

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Saint John’s School Saint John’s School
Rebecca Kinney Rebecca Kinney

A historic building in Albemarle County has been added to the Virginia Landmark Register. The Saint John’s School served African American students from Cobham and Gordonsville from 1923 to 1954.

The school is making plans to use their space for a family fitness center, so the historical building will continue to serve the community. 

Leaders of the project say being on the landmark register helps preserve the building.

Saint John's School's president of the board, Rebecca Kinney, said, "If someone says they want to come tear this building down, if its lost its significance, by it being on the National Historic Registry, it says that something important happened here. It says that something significant happened here."

Kinney is leading the effort to restore the school and says this will also help when applying for federal grants.