Tyler McCartney Having Fun as 'Old Guy' with Charlottesville Alliance FC

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Tyler McCartney is 6-foot-7 Tyler McCartney is 6-foot-7
McCartney played soccer at Virginia Tech McCartney played soccer at Virginia Tech

When the Charlottesville Alliance split into two teams to scrimmage at a recent practice, Tyler McCartney decided on the format:  Old Guys versus Young Guys.

He put himself on the "Old Guy" team.

"I'll be thirty in August," says McCartney.  "So maybe not old, but old when you're playing against 18, 19, 20-year-old's."

McCartney played his college soccer at Virginia Tech. 

He stands at 6-foot-7, which he says can be a blessing and a curse, especially on a new team.

"Everybody looks at the big guy, and says, 'Oh, put (the ball) on his head,'" says McCartney.  "You know, maybe I've got three or four guys on me already, and somebody is on the back post, or somewhere open.  It takes a little bit of time figuring out where people are going to be, and that sort of thing, so certainly, it takes a little time to mesh."

Unlike many of his college-age teammates, soccer is not his primary focus.

McCartney says, "I actually work for Beltone Audiology, and I help patients with hearing loss.  See if I can fit them with hearing aids, and help them out in that manner."

McCartney says he's happy for the opportunity to play semi-pro soccer with the Alliance.

"It's been a good experience so far," says McCartney.  "I certainly didn't expect it at all.  I was just ready to move on to the slower men's league.  That's where I've been playing, and to get the opportunity to play something like this again, it's a blast to be out here with some younger guys, playing at a higher level."

The Charlottesville Alliance FC will play its last game of the regular season on Friday, as they go on the road to face FC Baltimore.

Charlottesville has a record of 3-3-2 in its inaugural season so far.