CRHA Responds to Complaints on Cooling System Issues at Crescent Halls

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The CRHA is responding to complaints of broken AC units The CRHA is responding to complaints of broken AC units

The Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority is responding to complaints about cooling system issues at Crescent Halls.

Maintenance crews were out on Thursday, July 5, to make repairs to a few units.

Despite reports from the tenant association president that over a dozen people are having cooling issues, the housing authority says it has only had about five reports - and most were immediately resolved.

“Given our recent history with air conditioning concerns in this building, we are extremely sensitive to folks’ needs,” says Grant Duffield, the executive director of the CRHA. “I can't implore enough if folks are experiencing problems, please give us a call, give us a chance to get them straight.”

The contractors that installed the new chiller last summer say they have been on site since Tuesday to support and trouble shoot any issues.

They say the chiller unit is functioning normally, and any issues are isolated to certain units only.