City Councilors Interview 3 Finalists to Fill Outreach Coordinator Position

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City Councilors (File Photo) City Councilors (File Photo)

Charlottesville City Councilors are working behind closed doors to hire a new staff member in an attempt to improve community engagement.

On Thursday, July 5, city staff interviewed three finalists to become City Council's outreach coordinator.

Councilors say the outreach coordinator will be in charge of social media postings and interacting with organizations and people living in the city.

"Obviously we have our clerk and administrative folks that help in a number of ways, but this is really a targeted thing and obviously we are in a community that really demands that they have their voices heard,” says City Councilor Heather Hill. “We want to continue to make more and more opportunities."

Seventy-four people applied for the position.

Councilors are expected to make a final decision in a couple of weeks.