Highland Celebrates Independence Day and Life of James Monroe

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Guests play games at Highland's July 4th celebration. Guests play games at Highland's July 4th celebration.
James Monroe's Highland James Monroe's Highland

The hot and sticky weather didn’t keep people away from the festivities at a founding father’s home. James Monroe’s Highland is celebrating Independence Day by marking its ties to history. 

Wednesday’s activities not only centered around Independence Day, but also the anniversary of James Monroe’s death. Monroe is one of three presidents who died on the Fourth of July. Monroe’s neighbor Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are the others.

Throughout the day, people had access to the grounds, where different activities were set up. Visitors were able to take free tours led by historians, learn more about the nation’s fifth president, and play games.

Staff said that this day is important, not only to remember the U.S. gaining independence, but also to remember the history of our presidents.
“At Highland, we feel like doing events like this on Independence Day is an important part of what we do to remind us of all the things we celebrate in our nation and in our history,” said Highland’s executive director Sara Bon-Harper.

Bon-Harper also added that this is a time to reflect on what our founding fathers believed when they worked hard to earn freedom.

The Mandela Washington Fellows will be visiting on Thursday and Friday to learn about civic engagement and U.S. history.