Dogs Can Now Legally Join their Owners at Wineries and Breweries

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A dog at Vitae Spirits A dog at Vitae Spirits

Wineries and breweries in Virginia may now let their guests bring in dogs. 

Bill 2-86 went in to effect Sunday. The new legislation relaxes the restrictions on bringing dogs into breweries and wineries.

Vitae Spirits celebrated the bill by holding an adoption event with the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA. The distillery hopes to reach some new customers with this new change.

Vitae Spirits manager, TJ Drake, said, "This allows us to get into a new demographic where certain people may not have come to a tasting room because dogs weren't allowed previously. Now they are."

Those who attended the event could try specialty drinks knowing that a portion of the sales went back to the SPCA to help find sheltered animals a new homes.