BB&T Donates “Cozy Comforts” Materials to Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville

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Kiwanis Club Press Release:

On Monday, June 25, at 5:30 p.m., the Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville will accept a major donation of materials from the management and staff of BB&T Bank at Barracks Road. Backpacks, fleece for blankets, stuffed animals, children’s books, night lights, personal care items, and more, will be assembled by Kiwanians and be presented at the next two gifting events to community agencies responsible for caring for children being placed into foster care or who are in some type of sudden and emergency transition.  In the last year and a half, Kiwanis has presented 90 “Cozy Comforts” kits to four local foster/adoptive care agencies: Elk Hill School, DePaul Community Resources, People Places, and to Jefferson Area CHiP. A Cozy Comforts Kit is given to each child immediately after they enter the agency’s special care program in the hope that it will provide a sense of comfort, as well as become some of the first possessions the child owns as he or she transitions into their new homes. 

The project of collecting these precious materials was supported by a grant from the BB&T Lighthouse Project Fund. The effort was directed by two BB&T staff, Michelle Good and Laura Proffitt, both members of the Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville. “Our colleagues took to this volunteer project with an enthusiasm I have seldom seen in our offices,” said Proffitt. “Kiwanis has really put its finger on a need that resonates with anyone who is concerned about addressing a critical need in our community.”

“This is an exemplary partnership between the for profit and nonprofit world for the benefit of our kids,” said Barb Ritter, Kiwanis chairperson of the Cozy Comforts project.  “We hope other businesses will step up so that we can make more gifting events in the near future. Call me!”