Filmmakers Hold Game Night at Boylan Heights to Raise Funds

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Filmmakers hosted a game night at Boylan Heights Filmmakers hosted a game night at Boylan Heights

A game night at Charlottesville's Boylan Heights is helping to raise money for a unique short film.

"Mount Skylight" is about four hikers who return to their hometown only to discover that all the people living there have disappeared.

On Wednesday, June 13, Boylan Heights donated 10 percent of its proceeds to help the filmmakers reach their financial goal.

The film serves as a metaphor for dealing with abandonment and addiction.

“We've talked to a lot of addicts, we've talked to a lot of people with depression, a lot of people who feel cut off from society,” says Ryan Cudahy, the film’s director and producer. “And those are the types of feelings we want to grab, while also keeping you on the edge of your seat."

The short film will be shooting June 22-24.

For more information on how you can help, click here.