Community Members Look into Unrealized Biases at Seminar

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Brian Nosek Brian Nosek
A group learned about implicit bias on Monday, June 11 A group learned about implicit bias on Monday, June 11

People got a chance to look into their unrealized biases at a free, interactive session at Charlottesville High School on Monday, June 11.

University of Virginia psychology professor Brian Nosek spoke to a crowd on implicit bias on Monday night, and discussed how these biases can unintentionally influence people’s judgment and actions.

He says it's a conversation that's especially important as the community continues to heal after the events of last summer.

“One of the implications is looking at ways in which we can adjust our own behaviors, to try to maximize the sense that everybody in Charlottesville belongs, everyone should feel included, everyone should feel respected,” says Nosek.

Nosek says he hopes people will walk away from this conversation with a sense of humility.

He says that even though we may be biased without intending to be, that doesn't necessarily make us bad people. Rather, it gives us an opportunity to find out what those biases are and then do something to change them.