Michael Wielansky Goes Pro, Won't Return to Tom Sox

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Michael Wielansky Michael Wielansky

Charlottesville Tom Sox star second baseman Michael Wielansky is going pro.   

He has signed with the Houston Astros and will play for the Astros single-A affiliate near Albany, New York this summer.  The team is the Tri City ValleyCats.

Wielansky was drafted in the 18th round of the MLB draft last week by the World Series champion, Houston Astros.

"It kind of came out of nowhere," says Wielansky.   "So they didn't call me beforehand, and my dad happened to be watching beforehand, and my name came up on the feed, and he was like you just got drafted. You're an Astro." 

Last season, Wielansky was the MVP of the Valley Baseball League, leading the league in batting average, hits and runs helping the Tom Sox to the 2017 VBL championship.  

Wielansky played college ball at division III Wooster in Ohio.   This past season as a junior at Wooster, Wielansky batted .401 with six home runs.

"There's a lot of bias, there it is, towards a division III guy," says Wielansky.   "You don't necessarily play the same competition. Stuff like that, so you have to kind of prove yourself a little bit more. I'd say the definitely like the chip on my shoulder. They also like my skills and stuff. Its just that I haven't played against the division I, top competition throughout my entire career. Keep grinding through it. Its definitely possible. There's so much good talent out there." 

Wielansky batted .432 for the Tom Sox in 37 regular season games last year.   He led the VBL with 88 hits and 46 runs scored in the regular season and playoffs.

"I think the thing for me was going and playing in a really good wooden bat league against some of that better competition, so you can kind of get your name out there and prove to people that you can play against it." says Wielansky.  "Never get your head down and keep working."