Organization in Albemarle County Offers Resources for Suicide Prevention

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Region Ten in Ablemarle County Region Ten in Ablemarle County
Emily Warren Emily Warren

After two public figures took their lives this past week, the topic of suicide prevention is rising to the surface.

One mental health organization in Albemarle County wants the community to know, they have a variety of resources.

Region Ten offers monthly suicide prevention classes, but it also offers free preventative tools for someone suffering with depression or suicidal thoughts.

The facility along Old Lynchburg Road gives out free firearm locks, and  offers medicine lock boxes help to prevent overdoses.

"Mental health and suicidal thoughts can reach anyone, and I think that the deaths this week have kind of shown that. And people are nervous to talk about suicide and mental health, and so there are trainings available for people to learn more about having that conversation with someone they might be worried about," said Emily Warren, program manager of prevention

If you're interested in Region Ten's monthly classes or training sessions you can contact the facility for more information.

And if you or a loved one are suffering with suicidal thoughts, you can call Region Ten's 24-7 service at  434-972-1800.