Albemarle County Leaders Discussing Funds for School Board Projects

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Members of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Members of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors
Rick Randolph Rick Randolph

After a lot of debate, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors is sticking with the original proposal for a bond referendum to fund school improvements.

Supervisors spent more than an hour Wednesday, June 6, debating the issue of a possible bond referendum.

The school board was asking for $96 million over the next two years. To pay for that, there would have been a possible tax increase of four cents.

Some supervisors say, regardless of a tax increase, that amount is too high and would increase the county's debt to $300 million.

Supervisor Rick Randolph said at the meeting that no solution would be found without compromise.

"I don't think there are enough votes to generate either side. So friends on the [Board of Supervisors], we need to compromise. We need to reach an agreement on what is going to be a workable a doable level if we want to support a referendum," he said.

The list of projects the school board wants to complete includes improvements at all four high schools and a 600-seat learning center.

Supervisors ultimately decided on Wednesday to stick with their proposed $47 million bond referendum, which would go to the schools with a possible two-cent tax increase.

Taxpayers will vote on whether or not the county should take on that debt through a bond in November.