Charlottesville Housing Advisory Committee Hires Ebony Walden

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Ebony Walden (Photo courtesy ebonywalden.com) Ebony Walden (Photo courtesy ebonywalden.com)
Westhaven (FILE IMAGE) Westhaven (FILE IMAGE)

Charlottesville's Housing Advisory Committee has hired a community facilitator to lead meetings.

The role will be filled by Ebony Walden, a Charlottesville business consultant.

Walden will survey people living in places like Crescent Halls and Westhaven to make sure their concerns are reported back to City Council and the committee.

"Particularly the low-wealth community. So CRHA properties, Friendship Court requested a culturally and racially sensitive facilitator or consultant, somebody to help facilitate meetings to talk about the form-based code and how that would affect the community," said Stacy Pethia, Housing Advisory Committee.

The assessment on affordable housing needs in Charlottesville will be presented to councilor on June 18.