Volunteers Sworn in as Graduates of Reserve Recruit Academy

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Eight recruits graduated on June 4 Eight recruits graduated on June 4

Eight new recruits are joining the ranks of Virginia's largest reserve division.

On Monday, June 4, the volunteers were sworn in as graduates of the Albemarle County Sheriff's Office's Reserve Recruit Academy.

These reserve deputies have completed more than 100 hours of training, in areas like crisis intervention, courtroom security, and traffic control.

"The reserve program is interesting, because people come from all different walks of life,” says Brandon Richards, the New Reserve Deputy. “So, obviously, the sheriff's office has plenty of full-time guys that this is what they do 40-plus hours a week. But with the reserve program, you have business owners, you have people who work for the county in other facets, you have firefighters."

The new graduates will now be tasked with things like search and rescue, transportation of prisoners, and assisting with other sheriff's office programs.