Cops pull 9-foot cobra from driver's minivan

Posted: Jun 04, 2018 11:00 AM Updated:


Chinese police had to remove a slithery passenger from a minivan in Yongren County of southwest China's Yunnan Province.

The owner of the van discovered the king cobra when he returned from buying a few items at a market. The snake coiled under the driver's seat when police arrived.

As one officer was about the catch the cobra, it fled to the center console behind the glove compartment and hid under the steering wheel.

Police immediately cleared the area and devised a plan to catch the snake.

With the use of a snake-catching tong, the officer was able to pull the cobra out of the van.

The king cobra measured around 9-feet in length.

The forestry police bureau in Yongren County decided to hand the snake over to the local wildlife preservation department.





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