Rivanna River Company Suspends Boating Trips Until Water Levels Decline

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The Rivanna River Company has canceled its upcoming trips The Rivanna River Company has canceled its upcoming trips

High water levels are temporarily putting some summer activities on hold.

A Charlottesville company has canceled all its trips on the Rivanna River until next week.

The Rivanna River Company says it had to move some of its equipment at one of its locations on Thursday, May 31, because the river overflowed its banks and was almost to the base of the nearby buildings.

According to the National Weather Service, the Rivanna River peaked a little above 25 feet on Friday morning near the gauge at Palmyra.

The Rivanna River Company says, for safety reasons, it stops all activities on the water once the river is above four feet high. While the river didn't rise above the base of the building in one specific spot, it did damage one of its facilities with equipment at another location.

“Yeah, it'll have an impact, it's sort of one of those businesses when you have to make hay while the sun shines, it's not a very long season, so it'll have an impact, but again we have a really supportive community here,” says Gabe Silver, co-owner of the Rivanna River Company.

The company says it generally serves a couple hundred customers on a typical weekend in June, but some will have to find alternative ways to have some fun over the next few days.

The Rivanna River Company says if all goes well and we don't see any heavy amount of rain in the coming days, it hopes to have people back on the river by Wednesday, June 6.