Fluvanna County Creating Shovel-Ready Program to Encourage Development

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Land for sale in Fluvanna County Land for sale in Fluvanna County
Jason Smith Jason Smith
Sign separating Louisa and Fluvanna counties Sign separating Louisa and Fluvanna counties

A new program aims to help businesses and landowners in Fluvanna County fast track development in the Zion Crossroads area.

Fluvanna County didn't qualify for the Virginia Business Ready Site Program because it didn't have 100 acres of approved property. So, the county launched its own shovel-ready sites program, which is the first of its kind in the state.

"Somebody's not going to come here tomorrow and wait a year and a half when they can go two miles up the street in Louisa County and open their doors next week," said Community and Economic Development Director Jason Smith. "We want to break down some of those barriers of, ‘it's going to take me a year to open my door.’"

The program will reduce the cost of site development for new businesses. The county will also help landowners go through the permitting process and survey their property.

"Anywhere from two to 99 acres, if you're land owner willing to sell your property and develop it we want to work with you," Smith said.

Some people are concerned the program and the county's partnership with Louisa County to build a new water and sewer system will damage the rural environment.

Fluvanna County says since it doesn't own land in Zion Crossroads, the decision to develop rests in the hands of property owners.

"We want to make sure we're talking with the landowners and letting them know we're not going to push them, these are options. We want to work with you if you're interested, and then really go at that pace," said Smith.

The county says economic growth will lower the tax rate for residents over the next few years.

Fluvanna County will hold town hall meetings in the next few months to give people the chance to ask questions about the program.

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