Cville Alliance FC Prepares for "Huge" Debut

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Cville Alliance FC Training Cville Alliance FC Training

Charlottesville's brand new semi-pro soccer team is going to kick the season off with a bang.

Cville Alliance FC had its first training session Tuesday night at Carrs Hill on UVa grounds.

Most of the players on the team are from the Charlottesville area.

Cville Alliance FC will host D.C. United's Under-23 team.  That's an MLS academy team.

The season opener is Friday, May 25th at 7pm at Charlottesville High School.

D.C. United's U23 team set up the showdown.

"We were hugely flattered by the invitation, and their willingness to come down," says Cville Alliance FC Executive Director David Deaton.   "I know they're going to want us to come up there which we will do.   We're excited that it can essentially be our first home opener and to give the community such a high quality game."

"It's going to be super exciting," says Alliance player Evan Nesterak.  "Obviously they're going to be at a really high level but I think we can give them a run for their money and a great event.  It's pretty awesome that a team of that caliber would want to come to Charlottesville and play us especially in our inaugural season but that speaks the larger mission that David Deaton has really brought to this program and people are excited to be part of it."