Crews Clean Up Damage from Central Virginia Storm

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tree down in Albemarle County tree down in Albemarle County
Thomas Barber and Robert Stepney assessing damage from storm Thomas Barber and Robert Stepney assessing damage from storm

Hundreds of people are without power in Albemarle County following Monday night's storm. Crews are spending Tuesday clearing trees and assessing the damage.

Along with the power issues, some people in the Carrsbrook area off of Route 29 don't have water either. Dominion says power should be completely returned by Wednesday night.

Last night, in the heavily wooded neighborhood, a large pine tree fell over taking down several lines and damaging a water pump.

"I saw this huge void. I was like where's my tree? and there is was lying in the middle of the road," Robert Stepney, who lives in Carrsbrook, said.

Virginia Department of Transportation crews were out at Mountainwood Road Tuesday morning clearing two trees that fell across the road, bringing down a power line near the intersection with Lockesley Terrace.

"Just the damage that it can do, like this caused a lot of damage and my house being damaged and people's safety,” Nashaia Lane, who lives in Sherwood Manor, said.

Charlottesville firefighters also responded to the 200 block of Huntley Avenue where they say a lightning strike sparked a house fire.

No one was inside the home at the time. No one is hurt.