Free Hearing Loss Screenings Being Offered at Northside Library

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Equipment for testing hearing loss (FILE IMAGE) Equipment for testing hearing loss (FILE IMAGE)
Anne Delaney Anne Delaney
Northside Library (Photo courtesy of JMRL / Steve Trumbull) Northside Library (Photo courtesy of JMRL / Steve Trumbull)

Hearing loss affects people of all ages and stages of life. Sometimes its genetic, but more often today its being caused by our listening habits.

Audiologists at the Advanced Hearing Group in Albemarle County will be giving free screenings at the Northside Library Friday, May 11.

The screenings are very quick, most last less than five minutes. You just wear headphones and listen for the beeps, then raise your hand when you hear them.

If hearing loss is detected, a follow-up appointment will be recommended to see whether it is permanent or temporary loss of hearing and then develop a course of treatment.

There are a number of reasons people lose their hearing.

“Hearing loss generally comes as the result of age, the result of noise in the surroundings. If you worked in a loud factory, if you listen to loud music there's noise induced hearing loss,” said Dr. Anne Delaney, Advanced Hearing Group.

Audiologists say hearing loss is often linked to depression and social isolation, because people do not want to be in social situations when they have a hard time hearing in loud settings.

It's commonly found in people with diabetes or kidney disease.

Screenings will start at 11 a.m., and there will be a second screening day in Palmyra next Friday.

No appointment necessary, just stop by the Northside Library anytime before 4:30 p.m.