Raised in a Football Family, Miller's Adam Hackenberg Paves Own Path

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Adam Hackenberg Adam Hackenberg
Adam Hackenberg throws out a runner on a bunt attempt Adam Hackenberg throws out a runner on a bunt attempt

The Miller school baseball team has had a great season so far, ranked number one in the state with a 20-8 record, and set to play Thursday in the VIC tournament semifinals.

Senior catcher Adam Hackenberg has been a big part of the team's success, leading the team with 11 home runs and batting .397.

Hackenberg has come along way as baseball player over his two years playing at the Miller School.

"The only thing I thought about until I came here was that I'm going to throw the guy out if he steals and then I'm going to hit," says Hackenberg.

Hackenberg was a two-sport athlete playing both football and baseball at Fork Union, but after committing to Clemson to play baseball, he reclassified as a junior and transferred to Miller to learn from former pro Billy Wagner.

"I think the biggest thing for him was making sure he got the everyday work that he needed," says Wagner. "That was the big difference for Adam coming here. Getting everyday work and being consistent on what he was working on."

Hackenberg says, "My receiving, my blocking, those were the things they pointed out to me and opened my eyes to, once I decided I'm going to be a baseball player."

Hackenberg's skills catching are beginning to catch up to his already stellar ability to dominate at the plate.

"These past two years I've started to break into my power a little bit," says Hackenberg.

The Fluvanna County native has a .425 batting average and 16 home runs over the last two seasons.

Adam Hackenberg comes from a football family.  His father played quarterback at Virginia, and his brother Christian currently plays quarterback in the NFL. 

Although Adam spends most of his time catching behind the plate, he says that his power hitting comes from his football roots.

"I was a linebacker and on defense I was hitting people," says Hackenberg.  "I had to make myself bigger and create a lot of force too."

In creating a lot of force, he's created a lot of buzz among MLB scouts.

Hackenberg says his decision to go to college or turn pro will ultimately come down to the number of dollars a team is willing to offer him.

"Its really hard to sit there and tell him not to go," says coach Wagner.   "I know that you've got to be so committed and make those sacrifices to be able to go where you really want to go and make the really big bucks, you've got to sell out."

"I'm sort of in a win-win situation," says Hackenberg   "That's how I've approached it. If they don't draft me where I want to be drafted, I'm going to Clemson to play baseball for three years, and then hopefully have another chance at the draft again."

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