Charlottesville Asks Public to Vote on Finalist Choices for Park Renaming

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People who live in Charlottesville are now getting a second opportunity to weigh in on renaming two parks near the Downtown Mall.

City Council is asking for help with the process after the first name changes were roundly rejected by the public. Now, council is trying to narrow down the final names for each park. Charlottesville employees hope to track down voters online through their voting precinct in hopes to increase input on the names.

Voting ballots will also be given out with June's utility bill to people who live in the city.

The finalist names for Emancipation Park are Central Park, Library Park, Market Street Park, and Swanson Legacy Park. The options for Justice Park include its current name, Court Square Park, and Courthouse Park.

City employees say getting input from people in Charlottesville is crucial in order for council to make a final decision that will please the most amount of people.

"At the end of the day, they get to make the final decision and I'm sure that the public's vote tally will weigh very heavily on council's decision," says Brian Wheeler, Charlottesville’s director of communications.

The survey can also be completed over the phone at (434)970-3109 and will be open until the end of June. City employees want to stress that writing in the names Jackson Park, Lee Park, and Emancipation Park will not be considered.

City Council will announce its decision in July.