City of Staunton Seeking Public Stories Surrounding VA's Love Sign

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The iconic sign. The iconic sign.

Virginia is for lovers and so is Staunton: the city is asking people to share their love story with the iconic love sign. 

The love sign was installed Friday at the corner of New Street and Greenville Avenue for National Travel and Tourism Week.

City officials say it’s a part of a Staunton social media campaign called Share the Love, Share Your Staunton Story.

“I think it kind of just shows the community, what the city kind of represents and each city where you kind of see it at,” said Anna Louise Cecil, of Harrisburg. “It kind of just shows what Virginia is all about as a whole.”

The city is asking people to share their story by snapping a picture with the sign and sharing it on social media with the hashtags #LoveStaunton and #LoveVA.