'Old Farm Day' Brings Thousands to Palmyra to Enjoy Antique Farming Equipment

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The 22nd annual Old Farm Day. The 22nd annual Old Farm Day.
John May. John May.
Judith Mickelson. Judith Mickelson.

Thousands gathered on Saturday in Palmyra for the 22nd annual Old Farm Day, an event that brings the community together over antique farming equipment. 

Organizers say the purpose of the event is to educate the county and young people of the county about agriculture and farming as well as inspire young farmers. 

 “We just wanted the young people to see what farm life was like when it was done mostly by horses and the early tractors,” said John May, one of the founders of the event. 

What started out as a small one day event has turned into a major event for Fluvanna County.

One thing special about this is year is the newly built Farm Heritage Museum that will open later in the summer. May is donating a number of pieces to the museum.

 “I think that'll be a great education for the students of this county and everyone else who gets to come and visit,” said Judith Mickelson, the retired executive director of Fluvanna’s Historical Society.

Organizers say all proceeds raised from the event will go to the Fluvanna Historical Society and the new Farm Heritage Museum.