Charlottesville Astronomical Society Holds Event to Teach People About Sun

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People viewed the sun in a unique way on May 4 People viewed the sun in a unique way on May 4

Members of a local organization are taking the time to teach people about the sun on Friday, May 4.

The Charlottesville Astronomical Society is holding the First Fridays Solar Observing on Friday afternoon.

The program kicked off with a goal of educating people about the sun and allowing them to see it in ways they never have before. You can view the sun through a special telescope equipped with white light and hydrogen alpha filters.

“It's kind of an outreach thing, folks in this area really excited about astronomy, partly because of the UVA astronomy department, all the things that go on there, and so we just like to show folks the wonders of the night sky usually, but today we're actually showing them our star the sun,” says Steve Layman, the outreach director of the Charlottesville Astronomical Society.

Organizers say they will meet again on the first Friday in June for a night of "lunar observing" at the Ivy Creek Natural Area.