UVA Revises Policy for Expressive Group Activity

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The University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan released a statement to members of the university community May 4 regarding a revised policy.

The revisions aim to strengthen the current policy that has to do with "expressive" gatherings by groups that are not linked to the University.  

The policy now requires groups not affiliated with UVA to make reservations with a "reservation officer" at least seven days before the activity. 

Failure to adhere to the new policy changes will result in prosecution for trespass or other offenses.

Sullivan made this statement to introduce the policy changes: 

The University of Virginia is committed to the Constitutional principle of free speech and to the safety and security of every member of this community.

The university has issued a revised policy regarding the time, place, and manner of expressive activity by unaffiliated persons meeting outdoors.

The policy requires unaffiliated persons to make reservations to engage in expressive activity in certain designated locations, on certain days and during certain hours, on outdoor university property.

The policy is effective May 4, 2018. More information about the policy is here.