Albemarle County Uses Survey to Ensure Neighborhoods Have Necessary Resources

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Siri Russell Siri Russell

Albemarle County is looking ensure neighborhoods have the resources they need by using a new field survey to take inventory.

This new pilot study is going to take a look at the conditions of public spaces and compare it with what the county has on file.

The goal is to provide new baseline information for future rehabilitation efforts.

Albemarle County is partnering with the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission to survey the neighborhoods.

They’ve already got a head start on developments off of hydraulic road near Barrack's Shopping Center.

The surveyors are looking at things like street lights, signage, storm drains, curbs, and other objects and making sure they have a record of each item.

This initiative began in February.

"The community field survey involves having surveyors on the ground in our neighborhood looking at things like street lights, placement, and whether they exist,” said Siri Russell, Management and Policy Analyst. 

Russell says it’s too early to tell if the data Albemarle County has in its records is an accurate depiction of what's on the streets.