Yogaville Celebrates Earth Day, Weighs Risks of Atlantic Coast Pipleline

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The proposed pipeline's path. The proposed pipeline's path.

People gathered in Buckingham County on Sunday to celebrate Earth Day and tour a yoga oasis known as Yogaville.

Those who live near Buckingham are concerned about the potential impact that the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline may have on central Virginian communities and Yogaville's future.

“We’re celebrating the wonderful beautiful land here in Virginia, the rural nature of it, and it’s that very nature celebrating on Earth Day that we need to defend and protect,” said Joseph Abbate, manager of Yogaville Environmental Solutions.

The people of Yogaville are celebrating earth day by giving tours of their home to others who they hope will join their peaceful fight against the pipeline.

Visitors got a chance to see the lotus temple as well as the union hill area where a pipeline compressor station is under preparation. 

Organizers say it is important to bring people of all faiths together for this endeavor.

“They care about our health, and our wellbeing, and our safety, so it's important for the people of faith to come together to minister to the people, but also pray together for wellbeing of environmental wellbeing and the community's health and safety,” said Yogaville's Swami Dayananda. 
People in Yogaville believe that if the pipeline is built, it would impact their practice of yoga which requires silence, clean air, and a healthy environment.

Dominion Energy maintains that the pipeline will not harm the environment.