Event Looks at How City Zoning Impacts African-American Communities

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The event aimed to confront racial injustices The event aimed to confront racial injustices

Dozens gathered at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center on Monday, April 16, to confront racial injustice.

Organizers say it's important for people to see how the deliberate use of zoning, property taxes, and urban renewal removed African-Americans from certain areas in order to make Charlottesville what is today.

"As a result of historical issues with the redlining and denying opportunities for investment by black families into homes with home loans, we see communities that don't have the equity that has been built over the years that we've seen in white communities,” says Selena Cozart, the head facilitator at University and Community Action for Racial Equity.

Monday night’s speakers say the goal is to work together to end racial disparities in housing and neighborhood development throughout the city.