Senator Mark Warner Tours UVA, Sees how Students Prep for Cyber Careers

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Senator Mark Warner got a first-hand look at how students at the University of Virginia are preparing for careers in cyber technology during a tour April 13. 

As vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee, Senator Warner has been calling for increased investment in cyber and cyber-related workforce training. 

The democratic senator took a tour of UVA’s newly-opened link lab for cyber physical systems.

He watched students perform a driverless car demo and learned how they are programming robots that will help surgeons operate more precisely and safely. 

Senator Warner says a new world of technology is coming.

He says part of his job in Washington is to ensure there are security protections in place.

"We've got to make sure all of those devices are not able to be hacked into by could be a foreign entity could be a cybercriminal, and unfortunately at this point, we don't have standards and I’m trying to make sure that at least from the federal government standpoint that we don't purchase any device that's not connected that doesn't have a basic security tool,” said Sen. Mark Warner (D) Virginia.

Senator Warner says the research being done at UVA will help him better understand how to create across the board security standards.

He has seen first-hand how technology can be abused in the case of Russia intervening in the 2016 presidential election.

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