Albemarle County Supervisors Move Forward with High School Bond Referendum

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Albemarle County Board of Supervisors on April 10 Albemarle County Board of Supervisors on April 10

The public is getting another chance to tell Albemarle County supervisors how they want taxpayer funds spent in fiscal year 2019.

But first, supervisors are hashing out how they can catch up on funding long-term projects that they’ve not yet addressed.

Albemarle County supervisors will move forward with a bond referendum this fall. The board is playing catch-up on more than $100 million in postponed capital improvement projects.

Supervisors directed staff to place a new county high school project on a bond referendum this fall.

In addition, supervisors are also still debating if "quality of life" categories should be included. That would provide money for a police evidence processing facility, court improvements, and fund the Ivy recycling center project, among others. These projects did not receive official approval on Tuesday, and will instead be tabled for the time being.

Staff members will compile a feedback list for the board to review before moving forward on that portion.

The total cost for the school is about $35 million. To pay for it, real estate taxes would have to increase about 1.8 cents over the course of five years.

"And now we're trying to claw our way out of that postponement and begin to do the things that our citizens need us to do,” says Ann Mallek, an Albemarle County supervisor. “The question is, which to do first?"

All projects need to be approved by the board by May 9.

Depending on what - if anything else - gets added, that's where people could expect to see up to a 4 cent increase over five years.

Aside from this discussion on Tuesday, April 10, supervisors are also holding a public hearing on the upcoming budget later Tuesday evening at the County Office Building.

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