Flowlab Virtual Reality Takes People Anywhere in the World in Seconds

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Flowlab uses room-scale VR for an immersive experience. Flowlab uses room-scale VR for an immersive experience.

Many immigrants come from overseas to the United States and rarely receive a chance to return home. But, with a new development in Charlottesville, all of that could change thanks to the power of virtual reality. 

Cue Flowlab, a technology company that uses a new form of VR technology that allows people to visit any country or continent within seconds. 

“They can explore night, day, different times, streets, addresses – any place they want to go really,” said Jeff Dobrow, technical director of Flowlab Virtual Reality. 

The lab partnered with the We Are Here Diversity Festival, an event happening this Saturday in IX Art Park that’s aimed at uniting the Charlottesville community.

Vanessa Braganza, head of the festival, says that she wanted to incorporate VR into the mix. Combining Braganza’s idea with Flowlab’s technology could allow their vision to truly become a virtual reality. 

“The idea was really to see if there was a way that this technology can be applied to create an experience at the event for immigrants and refugees to experience travel, sights and sounds, visiting their homeland--places that maybe they wouldn't be able to go back to,” said Dobrow. 

The lab uses room-scale virtual reality, a form of VR that combines the 3-D simulation experience with the ability to interact and navigate throughout one’s environment. 

The technology will be available in 10 minute increments, but in order to use the VR, people must sign up in advance on the festival's Facebook page