Death Cafe Encourages People to Overcome Discomfort

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Rene Bond. Rene Bond.

A group in Albemarle County overcame their fears of talking about death at the Death Café on Sunday. 

Organizers of the Death Café say death is a normal part of life and should not be avoided. In fact, attempting to avoid the thought can lead to more pain and suffering for those still living.  

“Death is something we all do, we can't avoid it, so if we can plan for it, we take away some of the anxiety at the end of our lives,” Death Café Coordinator Rene Bond.

Although it's a heavy topic, event organizers say speaking with others over coffee and snacks can be comforting. 

“There are no speakers, there's no agenda, our groups are small and people have thoughts, feelings, questions about death and they just throw them open on the table,” said Bond.

The hope is that attendees leave less stressed about dying and ready to enjoy the rest of their lives.