'Breaking Bread' Event Reflects on Heritage of Staunton School

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The 2nd annual Breaking Bread event. The 2nd annual Breaking Bread event.

People convened in Staunton for the second annual Breaking Bread event at the Booker T. Washington Community Center on Saturday.

Dozens gathered to pay tribute and honor the heritage of what used to be the Booker T. Washington School for African-Americans.

Organizers say the event was designed to bring people together to discuss important issues such as race, diversity, and heritage – all while enjoying some food. 

“When we began this we had an idea to do what is called breaking bread because we seem to be able to focus on each other over a meal, and so we decided to ask people this year to bring their favorite appetizer or favorite dish that means something [to them] from their home or heritage,” said Elaine Rose, president of the Building Bridges for the Greater Good organization.