UVA Law Library Launches Research Website About Charlottesville's Statues

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Librarians at the University of Virginia's law school have launched a website for people wanting to learn more about the disagreement surrounding confederate statues.

The Arthur J. Morris Law Library has created the site called "Charlottesville Statues Legal History Research Guide."

It provides resources like court documents and city council minutes revolving around the statues in emancipation and justice parks.

Librarians say they wanted an easy way for the public to access the information.

"With the recent interest and debate surrounding the statues, we wanted to make an open access recourse for people who are researching the current case who are interested in the statues," Randi Flaherty, Special Collections Librarian. 

The site mentions the lawsuit Payne vs. the City of Charlottesville, an ongoing litigation where the several plaintiffs are attempting to prevent changes to both Emancipation and Justice Parks – which includes removing the statues.