PVCC Students Could Soon See Tuition Increase

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PVCC board meeting on March 14 PVCC board meeting on March 14
Piedmont Virginia Community College Piedmont Virginia Community College

Students who attend Piedmont Virginia Community College could be seeing a small increase in their tuition.

On Wednesday, March 14, PVCC had a board meeting on its main campus in Albemarle County. Frank Friedman, the president of the college, says the school is still waiting to learn what its state funding will be from the general assembly.

With that up in the air, Friedman says the Virginia State Board for Community Colleges will probably take action on a tuition increase at its meeting in May.

"I would expect a very small tuition increase for next year, probably in the 2-3 percent range, and those are our two major sources of revenue - the state appropriation, and then tuition revenue - and then, of course, grants and other contractual things," says Friedman.

Even with the possible tuition increase, Piedmont Virginia Community College says it would still cost under $5,000 per year for a full-time student to attend.

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