Cville TimeBank Hosts Repair Cafe for St. Patrick's Day

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Volunteers will be able to fix small appliances Volunteers will be able to fix small appliances
The Repair Cafe will be held on Saturday, March 17 The Repair Cafe will be held on Saturday, March 17

An organization in Charlottesville is putting a spin on what it means to “go green” this St. Patrick’s Day by fixing people’s broken items instead of them just being tossed for newer ones.

Cville TimeBank is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to host a "Repair Café" where people can bring their broken items to be fixed.

This year, it will take place at the Habitat store on Harris Street on Saturday, March 17, from 12-4 p.m. Volunteers will be able to fix items like small appliances, clothing, and bikes among other things.

For more information about this event, visit the TimeBank's website.

Press Release from Cville TimeBank:

It’s green to fix instead of toss!

Cheerful volunteers at the Cville TimeBank Repair Café will once again fix broken stuff (of any color), free, on Saturday, March 17, from noon to 4:00 PM, at The Habitat Store, 1221 Harris Street in Charlottesville.

As always, attendees can bring up to three items to be fixed, including small appliances, clothing, toys, jewelry, bikes, small furniture and more.

New at this event will be a Take-Apart Table, where kids of all ages will get to disassemble and see what’s inside some common objects.

At the new DIY lamp repair station, visitors will get help diagnosing simple lamp problems and completing basic repairs such as replacing a cord or switch.

Top Notch Computers will return to advise on and tune up computers, and Way Cool Tools will once again offer tool sharpening services.

Volunteers from Charlottesville Community Bikes, a non-profit local bike shop, will be on hand to offer hands-on bike repair and maintenance.

For safety reasons, volunteers will not repair gas operated lawn and garden equipment, televisions, or microwave ovens.

“We can’t fix everything,” says event coordinator Ann Marie Hohenberger, “but we’ll try to fix almost anything. It’s amazing how many things can be saved from the trash with just a little work.”

Items most often brought in for repair are also some of the things that commonly find their ways to the landfill, including lamps, bikes, toasters, fans, and clothing.

At past events some unusual items were fixed, including an Olympic torch and a camel saddle.

Cville TimeBank is once again partnering with The Habitat Store, which offers bargains on new and used building materials, furniture, and more. The store is run by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville, and all profits go toward building more affordable housing in our area.

Says David Winder, Habitat Store Operations Manager, “Our first partnership worked so well that we’re delighted to host and help with the Repair Café again, and excited about introducing new people to the store.”

“We think it’s a perfect match,” says Hohenberger. “We both aim to help our neighbors and keep usable items out of the landfill at the same time. And this partnership helps us save money so that we can continue to offer Repair Cafés.”

Local Repair Cafés are organized by the Cville TimeBank. You can learn more at https://cvilletimebank.com.