Western Albemarle High School Class Hosts Annual Model Congress

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Western Albemarle's Model Congress Western Albemarle's Model Congress

High schools students called the shots and made laws for the day in their own version of Congress Tuesday when Western Albemarle High School hosted its annual Model Congress.

Seniors participated as part of a government class assignment. The teacher assigned students to Republican and Democratic parties in their school's Senate and House.

"It makes you feel more part of the discussion. It makes you feel like at least somebody's hearing my voice,” stated student Conor O’Dea. “Even if it's 10 kids sitting next to me, people are hearing other ideas and coming together.” 

Bills focused on several hot button topics like mental health and gun reform.  The students voted 100 to 73 in favor of gun control legislation bills.

"We can start to explore how people feel about politics in general before we head out to college, the work force, or wherever we're going after this,” said student Chris McGahren. “We have this experience that we can respect other people’s opinions and still trying to move forward with making actual change.”