Fans React to UVA's Win in ACC Against UNC

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No.1 Virginia added to their two prior wins. No.1 Virginia added to their two prior wins.

Virginia basketball fans in Charlottesville are celebrating the team's championship title after Virginia defeated neighboring rival UNC in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

"We've got the best crowd in America because we're the best fans there are," said UVA student Max Ober.

Hundreds of fans packed Boylan Heights on the UVA corner tonight to cheer on the ‘Hoos in their big win over UNC. The final scoreboard hit 71-63 for Virginia and North Carolina respectively.

Tonight’s win complements Virginia’s previous victories, which date back to 1976 and 2014. UVA’s win also broke the program record for wins in a single season.

Fans described the atmosphere as electric and are eagerly anticipating the NCAA tournament. 

"Based on this crowd, this is the best year the ‘Hoos have had ever," said UVA student Kirsten White.