Google for Education, New Technology Inspire Educators in Virginia Summit

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The Summit is in its sixth year. The Summit is in its sixth year.

Educators across the Albemarle region convened in Charlottesville to discuss the latest classroom technologies for the Virginia Summit.

The Summit is in its sixth year and featured keynote speakers, hands-on sessions, and Google for Education. This year’s theme is "every learner, everyday", which will focus on meeting the needs of all students. 

According to Kenneth Shelton, Global Keynote Speaker Specialist of the EdTechTeam, technology is a core part of communication, collaboration, and creation. 

“We're community learners and we support each other, and that's exactly what this event embodies: a love for what you do, a support for what you do and essentially, we're a team,” Shelton said.     

Organizers say using a platform like Google levels the playing field for all students.

“When we're using the Google ecosystem, it's equitable, it's a free tool that all of our students can use and it's accessible through the web,” said Tanya Avrith, author and educator at EdTechTeam.

Teachers hope the applications will engage students and lead to higher achievement. Some teachers are already looking to start using the resources they gained over the weekend in their classrooms on Monday.

“I learned [about] a great app so far, it's called Seesaw and I can use this in my classroom so students can post their work,” said Marlene Rombach, a biology teacher at William-Monroe High School. “They can show me how they've learned a concept and they can post it in the classroom so other students can see it as well.”

Educators call the summit motivational and say it refreshed their enthusiasm for the job of teaching.