Charlottesville Leaders Speak to Burley Middle School Students on Their Future

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Nikuyah Walker speaking at Burley Middle School Nikuyah Walker speaking at Burley Middle School

Students at an Albemarle County school are getting an opportunity to plan for their future.

Burley Middle School hosted an assembly on Friday, March 9, featuring Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker and Sheriff James Brown. The organizer hopes this event will expose students to people who have been to college, are successful, and give back to the community.

"I hope these kids really got something from this panel because they are good people," says Harold Boyd, the basketball and track coach and in-school suspension supervisor at Burley Middle School. "I've watched these people grow up, and I know that they have good things in their heart and I hope that someone - if we can just get one person out of this group to do something - then that's a major victory."

School officials hope this assembly will help students create ideas for what they plan to do in the future before they enter high school.

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