Update: Defense Presents Case During Day 3 of Rothgeb Trial

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Jurors are expected to hear closing arguments Monday, as the trial against former softball coach Cathy S. Rothgeb finishes its third day.

Rothgeb is charged with seven counts of object sexual penetration, seven counts of forcible sodomy, eight counts of indecent liberties with children, eight counts of cruelty to children, and four counts of aggravated sexual battery. The charges stem from incidents that reportedly occurred from 1990 to 1999.

Two women claim Rothgeb engaged in sexual activities with them when they were minors and involved in her softball teams. NBC29 does not report the name of alleged victims in cases of sex abuse, unless they publicly come forward to identify themselves. The alleged victims will be referred to in this article as “Jane Doe 1” and “Jane Doe 2”.

Orange County Commonwealth's Attorney Diana O'Connell rested the commonwealth’s case before noon Friday, March 9. She called a total of 24 witnesses to testify over the last few days, including the two alleged victims.

Jane Doe 1 has testified Rothgeb began sexually molesting her when she was 9 years old. Jane Doe 2 claims she and the former coach had a years-long sexual relationship that began when she was 15.

Attorney Lloyd Snook then presented the defense's case to the court, calling 11 to testify. Several witnesses for the defense said that the 57-year-old defendant was like a mother to them.

Rothgeb’s ex-husband “Big” Richard Rothgeb testified that both of the alleged victims used to frequently be over at the couple’s house to play with, and later date, their son “Little” Richard.

“Big” Richard told the court that he only suspected a relationship between Jane Doe 2 and Rothgeb after the woman turned 18. The Rothgebs divorced in 2000, he said because their marriage failed. The ex-husband went on to say that he saw Rothgeb and Jane Doe 2 at a wedding the same year, and that, “they were definitely a couple.”

On the witness stand, “Little” Richard Rothgeb told the court that he did date both alleged victims, and even went to prom with Jane Doe 2. He said his family had helped out Jane Doe 1 when her mom was in jail.

“Little” Richard tried to claim that Jane Doe 2 paid Jane Doe 1 to accuse his mother, but the judge ruled this as hearsay – meaning that the son was making allegations without evidence, and the jury should not consider it.

Neighbor Brandon Shifflett, and “Little” Richard’s friend, said Jane Doe 2 would get jealous when other people would kiss or hug Rothgeb. The neighbor believed Jane Doe 2 always drove to the Rothgebs’ home, which would put her age at about 17. He also recalled Jane Doe 1 always being accompanied by her brother when they played with “Little” Richard, and that there was “lots of supervision at Cathy’s house.”

Leisa Come, Rothgeb’s significant other, claimed Jane Doe 2 would constantly contact Rothgeb, but had stopped by the fall of 2016. According to Come, Rothgeb never reached out to Jane Doe 2.

The trial began Wednesday, March 7, and is expected to end Monday, March 12. Court will not convene over the weekend.

Rothgeb still faces a dozen similar charges in Spotsylvania County. She is being held without bond at Central Virginia Regional Jail.