UVA Professor Running 100 Miles to Inspire Others

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Tim Cunningham Tim Cunningham

A University of Virginia nursing professor is running around Charlottesville to inspire people's generosity.

Tim Cunningham generally runs one mile for each year of his age on his birthday, but in honor of his 40th birthday this year, he will run 100. 

Cunningham is encouraging 100 people to cheer him on by donating 100 dollars each to their favorite charity.

“Part of my work at the nursing school, we look at the research on compassion and giving and generosity … And, there's research that shows giving is actually good for your brain, so if people say - I need this for me, I want this for me - you can actually improve your own mental health and maybe even physical health by being generous,” said Tim Cunningham, Running 100 for 100. 

He's keeping track of each lap by making a mark on Charlottesville's free speech wall on the Downtown Mall. 

Cunningham is asking people to reach out to him to share how they are contributing by sending him a Tweet