Charlottesville City Manager Presents FY 2019 Budget to Public

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City manager Maurice Jones City manager Maurice Jones

Charlottesville’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2019 is much higher than last year’s, which is leaving many to wonder how the number got so high. 

In the city council meeting, Charlottesville City Manager Maurice Jones presented the almost $180 million proposed budget to the public.

According to city councilor Kathy Galvin, it’s a 42% increase from 2011. 

The proposed 2019 budget is setting aside $23.4 million for the capital improvement program. 

This would add $3.4 million for the Charlottesville affordable housing fund, $72,000 for workforce development, and $94,000 for downtown pedestrian lighting, among other things.

Jones says the biggest reason that the budget went from around $126 million in 2011 to the proposed $180 million for 2019 is because of schools.

"There's been a lot of growth here and there’s been a growth in the expectation of service delivery over that period of time. The number one driver I imagine would be our school system, we have provided significant increases to the school system even in very lean years because we felt it was important especially as the state funding was being reduced,” said Jones.

The proposed budget would add $2.7 million dollars in new operational funds for city schools including H-VAC replacement and $1 million for the schools' strategic capital goals.

Contributions to city schools make up the majority of the general fund at more than 32%.

The first work session for the city’s budget is Wednesday, March 7 inside City Space from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and is open to the public.

The first public hearing is during city council on March 19.

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