Customers Still Without Power Following Destructive Wind Storm

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Trees down on power line is Keswick Trees down on power line is Keswick
Bonnie Stevens Bonnie Stevens

Many people in central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley are still experiencing power outages March 5 after winds knocked down trees and power lines last Thursday and Friday.

Dominion Energy says all areas without power should be restored by 11 p.m. March 6.

They sent out a statement via Twitter at around 7:30 a.m. Monday morning which said

This storm generated close to 11,000 individual work locations. Less than 25,000 customers remain without service, at just under 2,000 work locations. We expect another productive day of restoration today as we continue to move crews from completed areas into those still experiencing outages. We are on track to have the vast majority of impacted customers restored Monday, with all customers restored by Tuesday evening. All customers who remain without power can now see the estimated restoration time specific to their home.

They also provided a link where customers can check their power status.

A family from the Keswick area in Albemarle County says they are skeptical of Dominion's claims and are relying on a generator until things change.

"It's very obvious over the summer time when all the bushes come out and all the trees come out-- they're not really maintaining these little spurlines. We're a small short spur and I think the whole thing is bound up in maintenance,” said Bonnie Stevens of Keswick.

Around 690,000 Dominion customers were affected by the storm.

The hardest-hit region was Northern Virginia