Charlottesville City Council to Discuss School Funding in Upcoming Meeting

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Kathy Galvin Kathy Galvin

Charlottesville city council is preparing to hear the school board's budget request for next year.

Charlottesville city manager, Maurice Jones, released his proposed budget, gives record high funding to schools

Council will find out Monday night if they are allocating enough funds when the school board presents their request March 5.   

The city manager's budget would give close to $54 million to the school system, which is roughly $2.7 million more than last year.

City councilor Kathy Galvin says this money is needed to fund the school system's growth and maintenance.

The school system's general fund budget for the 2018-2019 school years is close to $70 million.

A recent change in the local Composite Index likely means Charlottesville schools will get less state funding than both the city manager and school board estimated when creating the budget. 

Councilor Galvin says the state's Composite Index formula doesn't take into account the level of poverty in the school system which is higher in the city than neighboring counties.

"I am a proponent of fully funding the schools. I believe that the public educational system is the most important investment that a city can make. It’s our future. It’s also our biggest commitment to our community,” said Galvin. 

The proposed budget also includes close to $3 million for school capital projects to address modernization needs.
Based on the numbers council receives from the school board March 5, it will have to decide whether or not to give the schools additional funding. 
City council will further discuss the budget at a work session Wednesday.

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