UVA Board of Visitors Approves New Programs to Increase Safety

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UVA Board of Visitors UVA Board of Visitors

The University of Virginia Board of Visitors is working to make major changes at the university that stem from the violence of last August in Charlottesville.

At the board’s meeting on Friday, March 2, it approved a number of new programs that all aim to make the university safer and more inclusive for students of all backgrounds.

The board conditionally approved an additional 100 scholarships for low-income students, new faculty chair positions, and a new program to foster inclusion.

Now, the Strategic Investment Fund Advisory Committee must agree to fund the programs.

UVA is also set to hire 10 new police officers, improve video surveillance infrastructure, and establish a permitting system for members of the public who wish to speak at the university.

“We are the leaders, we are putting every kind of resource we can imagine toward changing how our society thinks about tolerance and intolerance, governments, democratic institutions - and I think we're the place to do it,” says Risa Goluboff of the Dean’s Working Group.

University of Virginia Executive Vice President Pat Hogan says, in the future, the university needs to take the next step and build a new public safety facility to house police and emergency response staff.

The public safety facility has not yet been approved, but Hogan estimates it would cost $40 million.

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